Rolling Myofacial Release

     Our entire body is supported with connective tissue called, Fascia. Just like anything in our body, connective tissue degenerates and breaks down over time. The degeneration of fascia can be accelerated with repetitive overuse, stress or injury. Using a high-quality foam roller helps increase circulation of oxygen-rich blood flow. Rolling can help with fascia, keeping it from becoming unhealthy. It can help restore your mobility.


How Do I Know if It’s Working?

Always do a test and retest. Perform a movement prior to self-treating and then perform the exact same movement after. This we way we have a comparison to see if we are making real change. Some things to look for are:

Pain reduction
Feeling of ease and smoothness in motion
Increased range of motion
Reduced inflammation

In theraputic studies, comparing foam rolling to non-users, the foam roller group experienced a significant increase in range of motion (ROM). A negative correlation was shown between subjects’ force and ROM before foam rolling that did not exist after foam rolling. In a nutshell, this study suggests that self-myofascial release (SMR) of the quadriceps, or potentially any other muscle for that matter, was an effective treatment method to increase range of motion without suffering muscle performance. 

Foam rolling works. Not only can it help improve joint range of motion and overall muscle recovery, it does so without sacrificing muscle performance and strength. Perhaps the biggest benefits of SMR are that it can be done entirely by the individual and is very efficient in that it can take as little as 30-60 seconds to target the desired muscle group.



  • Protects the Spine, Hips, Shins, & Achilles

  • Cross-Directionally Targets Trigger Points

  • Naturally Restores Fascia Lubrication

  • Helps increase Range of Movement (ROM)

  • Stimulates Oxygen-Rich Blood Flow for Healing

  • Targeted Joint Relief Roller

Client Testimonials

Angela Flood

Favorite Class(es):

I love barre and all of the yoga classes. 

Why is that (are those) your favorite(s)?


  The barre classes give you a full body workout. You will definitely be “tucking” and “shaking” by the end of class!  The yoga classes are structured for all levels from beginning to intermediate to advanced. This is a judge free zone!  If there is a pose or position I am not able to do, there is always a modification that I CAN do! 

What makes 229 unique?

229 Yoga is a very friendly and welcoming studio.  The instructors are amazing. They explain all the moves so that you are challenged but also safe. 

Anything else you want to share or would want someone to know who has never visited 

Penny, Amanda, Kevin and Katie have really helped me deepen my yoga practice. All of the instructors at 229 Yoga AWESOME!!!

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What makes 229 unique?

229 is unique because of the variety of classes that the studio provides. There is truly something for everyone. 229 is also unique in that the instructors are intentional about getting to know you. The instructors are invested in your fitness journey and you'll always feel welcome at the studio. We are so thankful we found the 229 community when we moved to Albany!

Anything else you want to share or would want someone to know who has never visited 229?

Carving time out of your day and getting to the studio is the hardest part - once you get to class, you won't regret it!

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