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PiYo is a strength, stretch and flexibility workout promising to deliver the same results as yoga, Pilates and interval training combined. It is powerful, dynamic and will make you work at a high intensity to burn calories, torch body fat and shed unwanted pounds in as little as 60 days. 

PiYo features all of the benefits that you get from Yoga and Pilates, including flexibility and core training, but with an added emphasis on cardio and strength training to really make you sweat. Another unique aspect about PiYo is that you will be doing plenty of strength training and muscle building throughout the 60 day series, but you will not be utilizing a using a single weight. 

The workouts are short so anyone can do them, regardless of a busy schedule or a house full of kids, and it is easy on the joints. No heavy weights or jumping involved so you do not have to worry about high-impact moves that will be hard on the knees.

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