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229Yoga is Everyone's Studio

229Yoga is Albany's premier yoga studio, Indoor Cycling studio, and the only Barre studio in the area.  We provide instruction in Traditional, Classical yoga in a variety of styles from basic Hatha practices to Vinyasa flows, as well as Heated yoga. Whether you have never stepped into a yoga class before or have been practicing all of your life we have something to fit your needs.


We have certified instructors teaching Yoga, Barre, RIDE  (Indoor Cycling & Rhythm Ride), Pilates, PiYo, and a variety of other exercise options. We also have certification in teaching Yoga for Cancer (y4c). With more than 38 classes a week, we have something for you!

It is the mission of founder and owner Penny Gregorio to give Albany a beautiful place to practice Yoga, Barre, and Ride with personalized instruction and individual attention in a comfortable and inviting environment. So, please come and join us on the mat, at the Barre, and on the bike!

Love, Serve & Remember.

Client Testimonials

Angela Flood

Favorite Class(es):

I love barre and all of the yoga classes. 

Why is that (are those) your favorite(s)?


  The barre classes give you a full body workout. You will definitely be “tucking” and “shaking” by the end of class!  The yoga classes are structured for all levels from beginning to intermediate to advanced. This is a judge free zone!  If there is a pose or position I am not able to do, there is always a modification that I CAN do! 

What makes 229 unique?

229 Yoga is a very friendly and welcoming studio.  The instructors are amazing. They explain all the moves so that you are challenged but also safe. 

Anything else you want to share or would want someone to know who has never visited 

Penny, Amanda, Kevin and Katie have really helped me deepen my yoga practice. All of the instructors at 229 Yoga AWESOME!!!

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2620-C Dawson Rd

Albany, GA 31707


(808) 284-7548

What makes 229 unique?

229 is unique because of the variety of classes that the studio provides. There is truly something for everyone. 229 is also unique in that the instructors are intentional about getting to know you. The instructors are invested in your fitness journey and you'll always feel welcome at the studio. We are so thankful we found the 229 community when we moved to Albany!

Anything else you want to share or would want someone to know who has never visited 229?

Carving time out of your day and getting to the studio is the hardest part - once you get to class, you won't regret it!

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