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Welcome, Yogis!

Our Yoga Teacher Training program is designed to prepare participants to teach yoga in the studio (group & private class) setting as well as online. We strive to ensure that each group of teacher trainers receive a tailored experience to meet their unique knowledge and skill sets as well as their unique areas of interest. And while our approach has evolved over nearly a decade of training teachers, one aspect - our commitment to honoring and teaching the rich tradition of yoga - has not changed.

Meet the Lead Trainers

Penny Gregorio is the founder and owner of 229Yoga. She was trained under the expert eye of Mary Bastien and Jennifer Reuter at OSY.  Penny has been deeply influenced by the teachings of Anusara Yoga and has also studied with: Rod Srtyker, founder of Para Yoga, Max Strom, Skeeter Tichnor and Anne Carpenter. In the summer of 1996, she found herself trying a yoga class in Atlanta Georgia. Her life had changed and the world as she knew it would never be the same. Yoga found its way into her soul and it made a home there.

Jamie McCullough was born in Albany, and grew up in the rural area surrounding it. She has always enjoyed physical activity, using it as a release both physically and mentally. A friend and fellow yoga instructor bought her a drop in pass for Penny’s hot yoga class. She immediately fell in love with not only the physical asana, but the true meaning of yoga. In her classes, she hopes to bring the love of the yoga she has found, in mind, body, and emotionally both on and off the mat. When she's not on the mat, she loves running, reading, spending as much time on the beach as possible, dogs, and spending time with her husband, two beautiful children, family, and friends.

Anna Mettrick is originally from New Mexico. She dabbled with yoga for years but it wasn’t until 2013 and 229Yoga that she embraced a regular practice. As her practice grew, she found a balance from her analytical career and a love for yoga’s versatility and holistic approach to wellness. In 2017, she decided to train as a yoga instructor.  She has taught at 229Yoga studio since 2017 and hopes to share the love and benefits of yoga with others (and use her right-brain creative side a bit).

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