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Anxiety and Panic Disorder Community Group

This group will include:


  • Group and community support to move past isolation, fear, and shame into the life you deserve.

  • Instruction on how to use meditation, visualization, and affirmation for behavior modification.

  • Readings, tips, and the latest info on anxiety, panic attacks, and stress management.

  • Time for individual sharing about struggles and successes on the path to healing. class is for anyone looking to reduce stress, manage anxiety, and improve focus.  

Tuesdays, 6:45 -7:45 pm.

Donations Not Required but Appreciated.

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Group Facilitator: Major Skinner, CTC

I am a certified trauma recovery coach and a  yoga/meditation teacher with a Masters of Divinity in Interfaith/Yoga studies. 

I had my first panic attack at age nineteen. I felt completely alone at the time. It took me a while to build a support system for healing. I created this group with my own journey in mind. 

This is the group that I would have wanted at age nineteen and beyond. Anxiety thrives in isolation. This is a safe place to experience community and support to heal from anxiety and panic attacks.

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