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30-Day Mini March Challenge

Small changes can add up BIG. One change each day for the next 30 days will propel you forward into a healthy lifestyle.

This challenge allows you to--slowly--one -day-at-a-time let go of unhealthy items in your pantry, freezer, and refrigerator and add in healthy, nourishing foods that you already love.

We're beginning in March, but you can choose to take these mini challenges any month, and feel free to repeat the challenges over and over again as you like!

Small, mini, easily-achievable goals lined up back-to-back will give you momentum to make grand strides toward better health.

By focusing on adding in the right foods, habits, and planning, this mini challenge brings a daily awareness to those foods that lead to weight gain, blood sugar fluctuations, and fatigue. Healthy foods get to shine in the spotlight.

Let go of unhealthy items in your house slowly, replace them with healthy foods that you enjoy - and at the end of the 30 days you'll see just how much you've accomplished, one day at a time!

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