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We are excited to welcome Joy Holway, MS, RDN, LD, and Barre instructor to our 229Yoga in-house staff! Joy is a registered dietitian and owner of Joyful Apricot Nutrition Counseling. You can now book an appointment with Joy at the studio so she can help guide you towards the healthiest you possible. One of the perks of being a monthly member at 229Yoga is that you will get the Long-term client rate (a 30% discount on services she offers)!

When it comes to supporting your organs, your liver may not be first on the list. We probably all think about our stomachs, lungs, maybe our skin or eyes, and likely most of us think about our hearts – especially when it begins to beat faster!


Though the liver may be nearly last on the list of vital organs to pay much attention to for anyone aside from physicians, your liver serves the body with crucial, life-saving functions, like detoxifying from chemicals, medications, and old hormones, as well as keeping your blood sugar and iron levels stable, and keeping your protein, electrolyte, and vitamin levels where they should be in your bloodstream.


Also, when it comes to detoxing – your liver is king.


Detox is a buzz-word that means many different things depending on the individual. It could mean fasting, it could mean drinking more green smoothies, it could even be associated with taking a laxative.


True detoxification only happens when your liver has the necessary nutrients to do its job properly. 


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