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Penny Gregorio - RYT500, Anusara Immersion Teacher, Owner

Penny was trained under the expert eye of Mary Bastien and Jennifer Reuter at OSY. Penny has been deeply influenced by the teachings of Anusara Yoga and has also studied with: Rod Srtyker, founder of Para Yoga, Max Strom, Skeeter Tichnor and Anne Carpenter. In the summer of 1996, she found herself trying a yoga class in Atlanta Georgia. Her life had changed and the world as she knew it would never be the same. Yoga found its way into her soul and it made a home there.

Jessica Carr- Certified Schwinn Cycle Instructor, RYT-200

Jessica moved to Albany, GA in 2010 when she took a position as Spanish teacher with Deerfield Windsor School. She also serves as assistant coach to the varsity track and field and cross country teams at DWS and teaches Spanish part time at Darton State College. She has been active in the indoor cycling world since 2012 and loves the stress relief that comes from the loud music and dark room. Jessica also loves to practice yoga, enjoys cooking, and traveling to Spanish speaking countries.

Katie Sullivan - Certified Barre Instructor, RYT-200

Originally from Ellijay, Georgia, Katie has lived in Albany since graduating from the University of Georgia in 2012. While at UGA, she earned a bachelor's degree in Foreign Language Education, with an emphasis in Spanish. Katie moved to Albany to take a position at Deerfield-Windsor School teaching middle school Spanish. Katie has always had an interest in personal fitness and loves being active. She enjoys Barre classes for their efficency and effectiveness as an exercise method. Outside of teaching, Katie and her husband Victor love traveling, spending time with family and friends, and enjoying the outdoors.

Certified Pilates Instructor.

Levent Gokcen - Certified Schwinn Cycle Instructor

Levent holds a life-long passion for fitness; from his days of swimming competitiely in high school through long distance triathlons today, including the Chatttanooga and Miami Half-Ironmans.  Levent is thrilled to join 229Yoga as a RIDE instructor, combining his love of cardio and strength conditioning for the athlete in all of us. Each class jump starts your fitness and is a great way to incorporate fitness and health into your busy life.

Lucie Beeley - Certified PiYo Instructor

Lucie has been passionate about sports, exercise and fitness since childhood. At the urging of another fitness instructor, Lucie decided to become certified to teach group fitness in 2004. She began teaching Spinning and added other class offerings over time including Pilates, Core and Strength Training, Kickboxing, Barre/Matt, Interval Training, Plyometric Training and Aerobics. In addition to group fitness, Lucie also holds specialty certifications in Barre, PiYo, Pilates, UGI, and Indoor Cycling.

Certified Pilates, Barre & Group Fitness.

Madye Carter - Certified Schwinn Cycle Instructor

 I never imagined I would become an athlete and fall in love with fitness! It all started about 6 years ago when I went to a 5:30am spin class. My husband Chip thought I was crazy to get up that early to exercise! My husband's parents bought me a bicycle for Christmas, and that was it. I fell in love with cycling, and then trained to run with the couch to 5k program. In 2011 I got really crazy, and hired a coach to teach me how to swim. So at age 33, I finally learned how to swim and I completed 2 sprint triathlons that year! In 2013 I formed the Flint River Triathletes, a local team here in Albany. In 2014 I completed my first full Ironman in Chattanooga!!

Patricia Bennett - Certified Pilates Instructor

When she discovered 229Yoga in September of 2015, she was drifting in her fitness routine, going from one program to another, trying to find an answer to the bewildering changes her body was going through as she moved through her mid-40’s. Her first class was a Pilates class and to her complete joy and amazement, not only did the class have a lot of the familiar Joseph Pilates moves that she knew and loved, it also had many more Pilates-like exercises that challenged her in a way that she hadn’t been in the past. She left the class that day sore, exhilarated and totally hooked! After doing Pilates 3 days a week (and some awesome Barre classes) for a couple of months, Patricia began to see incredible changes in her body and strength.

Amanda Borghi - Certified Schwinn Cycle Instructor, RYT200

Things to know about Amanda ... The Top 10 List:


1.) She is originally from Michigan (born & raised in South Detroit- Journey reference, hope you got it) & moved to Albany in January 2016

2.) Her 4 rescue dogs pretty much run the show at her home.

3.) Amanda is married to a pretty cool guy that she reports having a large crush on.

4.) Her favorite color is black (unless you locate a color that is darker). 

5.) Her favorite holiday is Halloween... seriously, she is really into it.

6.) Coffee is a very important part of Amanda's life. 

7.) She is looking forward to adding a Yoga Instructor Certification to her list in 2019!

9.) Her classes have been rumored to be a bit of a challenge, but everyone leaves smiling from her cheese jokes and thankful for the rock it and ride it like you stole it theme.

9.) She loves Johnny Cash.

10.) Full Moon Yoga once a month is one of her favorite classes to teach, be sure to join the full moon fun once a month!

Brandi Ivy - Certified Barre Instructor

I was born in Albany and returned to Albany after graduating from the University of Georgia where I received a Masters in Accountancy.  I work at Draffin & Tucker, LLP as a Certified Public Accountant.  I am married to my high school sweet heart, Clint Ivy, and have 2 beautiful daughters.  I started attending 229 Yoga as a student of the Pilates and Yoga classes and began taking barre classes once they were offered.  I was hooked!  It is such a unique exercise that is not offered anywhere else in Albany.  I am very excited to be a part of the 229 Yoga family teaching my favorite exercise - Barre.

Joy Holway - Certified Barre Instructor

I fell in love with Barre because it was the only exercise I've ever performed which prevented all lower back pain! After taking barre classes for over 4 years, I became an instructor with IBBFA. I absolutely LOVE spreading the barre-joy with anyone who wants to safely tone and exercise micro and macro muscle groups at once! Results happen so quickly with barre, and as a registered dietitian and nutritionist wellness is my top priority. Food is my first love, and barre reigns in a sweet second place! Here's to your health!  Love, Joy!

Stephanie Fountain - Certified Barre Instructor

I am an Albany native. After graduating with my Masters in Accounting from Georgia Southern University, I spent several years in public accounting before becoming a full time stay at home mom.  My wonderful husband, Heath, son and daughter keep me pretty busy; however, in my free time I enjoy taking and teaching classes at 229 Yoga. After joining the studio as a student, Barre classes quickly became a natural favorite in my fitness routine. I love that Barre focuses on achieving a long, lean and toned look. Since I’m only 4’11”, I need all the help I can get with looking long and lean!

Anna Mettrick - RYT200

Originally from New Mexico, Anna dabbled with yoga for years but it wasn’t until 2013 and 229Yoga that she embraced a regular practice. As her practice grew, Anna found a balance from her analytical career and a love for yoga’s versatility and holistic approach to wellness. In 2017, she decided to train as a yoga instructor.  Anna is excited to now be part of the 229Yoga studio and hopes to share the love and benefits of yoga with others (and use her right-brain creative side a bit).

Kevin Landers, RYT200

Kevin is a south GA native that moved to Columbia, SC after college.  After 17 years, he has recently returned home to spend more time with family.  While in Columbia, he discovered yoga as a remedy to his recurrent lower back pain and began attending classes regularly at City Yoga, with owner and head instructor, Stacey Milner-Collins, as his primary teacher.  The studio was predominantly Anusara Yoga, so this is the style that he “grew up” practicing and learning. In 2010, Kevin finished the Anusara Immersion and teacher training and received his RYT-200 certification.  He has taught in numerous venues and among various demographics, including gyms, hospitals, yoga studios, and retirement communities.  In addition to Anusara, he has practiced extensively in Ashtanga, Bikram, Yin, Kundalini, and various types of vinyasa flow styles.  He has also completed a teacher training in Yin Yoga, which he also enjoys teaching as a counterbalance to the more active yang styles of hatha yoga.

               Kevin is a believer in the playfully serious/seriously playful style of teaching, so be prepared to work hard and hopefully laugh hard (or at least giggle) in most of his classes.

Jessica Carr
Katie Sullivan
Penny Gregorio
Levent Gokcen
Lucie Beeley
Madye Carter
Patricia Bennett
Amanda Borghi
Brandi Ivy
Joy Holway

Our Teachers

Stephanie Fountain
Anna Mettrick
Kevin Landers
Melissa Ellis - RYT200 

I am a South Georgia native that moved back to Albany in 2012, with my husband Luke. Fitness and sport has been a big part of my life since middle school. I even made it my career with a degree in exercise science and then my Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy. I first found yoga as a way to improve my mobility and become a better runner. But I quickly fell in love with yoga as more than just a workout. I completed my yoga teacher training this year but will always be a student. I try to make my classes a blend of my backgrounds as an athlete and Physical Therapist, with the traditions of Yoga. A goal of mine to help others live a life they love and are proud of.

Melissa Ellis
Jamie McCullough - RYT200 

I was born in Albany, and grew up in the rural area surrounding it. I have always enjoyed physical activity, using it as a release both physically and mentally. A friend and fellow yoga instructor bought me a drop in pass for Penny’s hot yoga class. I immediately fell in love with not only the physical asana, but the true meaning of yoga. In my classes I hope to bring the love of the yoga I have found, in mind, body, and emotionally both on and off the mat. When I’m not on the mat,  I love running, reading, spending as much time on the beach as possible, dogs, and spending time with my husband, two beautiful children, family, and friends.

Jamie McCullough
Tracie Cline - RYT200, Reiki Master

Tracie was born in Waynesboro, PA and moved to Albany, GA the summer of 2019.  Her background of gymnastics is what initially drew her to the practice of yoga about nine years ago. After completing her RYT 200 hour in 2018, her love for yoga grew beyond just the asanas as she studied the yogic philosophy and was welcomed into the yoga community. Outside of being a yoga instructor and student, Tracie is a business analyst, animal lover, traveler, and friend. She is extremely blessed and excited to be a part of the 229Yoga family.

Tracie Cline
Wendy Howell - RIDE Instructor

Originally from Central Georgia, Wendy has called South Georgia her home since 2006. A former outdoor biker, Wendy encountered spinning classes a few years ago, which inspired her to share her love for indoor cycling with others by teaching. She later obtained her Spinning® certification. Wendy carefully plans her rides around amazing music and routines to challenge each and every student, regardless of their fitness level. She believes that indoor cycling is not merely a workout, but a way to provide the mind and body with a journey and experience to keep pushing for level after level, achieving results. Her specialty rides include burn cycle and rhythm rides, providing each rider with a full body workout every time. Wendy is also an avid runner, completing her first full marathon in 2018. She aspires to complete a triathlon one day. In her day job, Wendy serves as Dougherty County’s Public Information Officer and has worked in the Communications and Public Relations arena for nearly 30 years. She’s the proud mom of an amazing daughter, who is a Finance major and 2021 candidate for graduation at Georgia Institute of Technology, and her Blue Merle Aussie, Jasper. Wendy is thrilled to join the 229 Yoga instructor team and invites you to experience her version of Ride!

Wendy Howell
Vernon Cruz- Boxing & Personal Trainer

Guam is where my heart is!  I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Guam where both my parents are from.  My father’s career in the Marines took my three brothers and I all over the world from Japan to California and landed us in Albany GA several years ago.  At first it was huge culture shock and then I fell in love with the “Good Life City” and here we are twenty years later.  I live in the Lee county area where my beautiful wife Connie and I raise our two amazing children, Cameran and Rai.  Life keeps me busy between being a husband, father, son and a musician, so to me my health and fitness keeps me engerzied so that I may perform in all aspects of my life..

Grind. Love. Pray. Repeat. 

Vernon Cruz
Frances Bell- Barre Instructor

Born and raised in Albany, I am happy to be back! After graduating from the University of Mississippi and working in outside sales in Nashville, TN and Atlanta, GA, I am thirlled to call The Good Life City my home once again. I work at AB&T as a Relationship Banker and am thrilled to be a part of the 229 Yoga Team, as well.

Barre has given me the opportunity to strengthen and tone my body through low impact, high intensity movements and a total body workout that creates long, lean muscles. Come see what it's all about! I promise you won't regret it!! With modifications for all levels, barre is truly a full body workout that challenges you like no other.. 

Frances Bell
Alana J. Simmons

A South Georgia native, Dr. Alana Simmons has spent the better part of her adult life in metro Atlanta and the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of southwest Virginia. Presently, she serves as the GEAR UP Director for the Dougherty County School System and is a lecturer in the School of Business, Economics, & Technology at King University in Bristol, TN. In the fall of 2020, Dr. Simmons found herself trying an indoor cycling class, and was instantly hooked! She completed the Schwinn Cycling Instructor certification in May 2021, and began teaching two months later. The mix of cardio and loud music has proven to be a great stress relief! Outside of her work and group fitness, Dr. Simmons serves on the board of directors for two, local non-profits. However, her most important role is that as a parent to a college-bound teenager. 

Robin Strickland

Robin has been passionate about health and fitness for most of her adult life. She first explored yoga in 2016 and found a true love for the practice. Her classes are an artful blend of movement, mindfulness, and breath work. She loves connecting with people, you will likely laugh in her class at one point or another as her sense of humor comes naturally. Robin is a native of Worth county and has worked in Albany with Southwest Georgia Living magazine since 2002.

Angela Flood

Angela is originally from Vidalia Georgia.  She received a Masters in Middle Grades Education from Georgia Southern University and an Education Specialist degree from Mercer University.  After accepting a position with the Lee County School System teaching middle grades Mathematics in 2001, Angela and her husband, Jimmy, moved to Albany.  Angela has always been passionate about health and fitness.  She strives to make physical activity a priority in her life.  Angela was introduced to yoga in 2018.  During the next three years, she devoted a large portion of her time to growing her personal yoga practice.  Angela discovered that her yoga mat (and 229Yoga studio) was a place that she could find contentment, security, self awareness and mind body connection.  In 2021, Angela signed up for the yoga teacher training at 229Yoga.  Angela’s intention for this training was not to teach yoga, but to expand her knowledge about yoga and to deepen her personal yoga practice.  However, the more Angela learned about yoga and grew in her practice, the more her intention and desire turned to teaching and sharing the practice she loves with others.  Angela feels honored and blessed to be a part of the 229Yoga family!

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