I thought it would get easier.  That was incorrect.

I assumed the first blog would be the most challenging to write.  My writing style is rusty if not totally unknown.  My sentence structure is a mess.  Do not even ask about paragraph arrangement.  Apprehension layered with the utter vulnerability of sharing my ideas.  When I finished I thought I had broken the writing seal and every piece to follow would flow.  Day after day passed this month, including the deadline, and no final product in sight.  With each day feeling defeated I closed my laptop with a blank document on the screen. The realization took hold that sharing my personal experience may not flow as easily as anticipated.   My subject matter and words come from the center of my person...

My inspiration and gratitude is for those that have gone before me and shared their inner most thoughts.  The gorgeous and unique spirits that show their darkness alongside their light.  I found myself feeling less alone as I read their words and followed their stories.  Some I have known personally, some I have not, but consider all my Heroes.  It was in their voices that I began to find mine.  It is their vulnerability that pushed me forward and past my fears.  So here I am.  Reminding myself that my story, my voice, is of value and to be brave.

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