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About 229 Ride

229RIDE is a motivating group setting with passionate instructors and energizing music. RIDE will empower and challenge you in a way that other exercise programs don't.


Our stationary bikes simulate the feeling of riding on a road bike, allowing you to workout standing, sitting and climbing. We use the Schwinn AC Carbon Blue bikes because of their adjustability and exceptional quality. Our bikes use a weighted flywheel with magnetic resistance adjusted by a tension knob to increase or decrease cycling intensity.


We know there are many other indoor cycling programs - like Spinning®, Indoor Cycling, RPM™, etc.

The real difference between all of these programs comes down to what instructor and training program you use. 229RIDE is an Indoor Cycling program that uses the Schwinn method.


RIDE is a fantastic cardiovascular workout, perfect for burning calories, building stamina, losing weight and building strength in the lower body and core.

About Ride

Our Class Guide

Check out the ride classes available at our studio!


Our newest RIDE class where we ride to the beat of the music. The ride is music based, positive and empowering. 


It's a great cardio workout and that emphasizes core strength.

229RR is an exhilarating workout suitable for everyone, no matter their level of experience or fitness. 229RR integrates upper-body movements with the 

technical components of road rides that keep you riding to the beat and burning up the calories.


We ride as a kula (group), encouraging 

a communal rather than competitive atmosphere. Join us for the ultimate sweat session!


Burn Indoor Cycle

a high powered, low impact, exhilarating way to “BURN” a ton of calories, build strength, endurance and transform your body to something strong and amazing. We welcome any and all types of riders From the “I’ve never tried it” to the “I’d die without It”

Class Guide - RIDE

Rules of the Ride

Just a few rules to keep it organized in our studio!


  • You may pre-register online for all RIDES – in the event that you need to cancel, please do so prior to the RIDE start time. This allows others to take empty bikes. Bikes may not be reserved in-person.

  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class so that your instructor can help you set up your bike properly and familiarize you with the bike's console. 

  • Except for emergencies, please do not leave class early. We set a cool vibe in our RIDE room and the bright lights from the open door really kill the mood. Plus, the cooldown is really important – trust us.


  • You don't have to wear special shoes but we certainly recommend it. Riding with cycling shoes (our bikes take an SPD cleat) makes a smoother, more efficient ride. Shoes worn from outside need to have clean soles prior to entering the RIDE room - thank you for helping us keep our space clean! 

  • Wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to sweat ... a lot. So bring a closeable water bottle and a towel.

  • Please wipe down your bike after each RIDE class - cleaning solution and towels are provided for you.


  • Please follow instructions at all times. It is ok to climb when we are seated or sprint when we are climbing, but then again there is a reason why your instructors spend lots of time and energy hand-picking music and creating routines for maximum efficiency.

  • Straying from the routine or being distracted (phones, chit-chat, etc.) will probably minimize results and may result in injury. So please trust and follow your instructor at all times.

  • Please leave your cell phone in the storage area outside of the RIDE room. If you have an on-call/emergency situation, please notify your instructor prior to class and place your phone on silent during the RIDE. If you need to take the call during the class, please do so outside of the RIDE room.

Ride Rules

Ride FAQ

Tips on making your first experience with Ride one that is fun, exhilarating and intense:

First time riding? 

Let us know and we will make sure your bike is properly adjusted and give you a quick tour of the computer. Please arrive early. Every class is a little different, but one of the great things about indoor cycling is that it is adaptable to your fitness level. Listen to your body and 

adjust accordingly.


How old? 

To participate in our RIDE classes, you must be at least 14.


What about shoes? 

You don't have to wear special shoes but we certainly recommend it. Riding with cycling shoes (our bikes take an SPD clip) makes a smoother, more efficient ride.


What gear? 

Wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to sweat ... a lot. So bring a closeable water bottle and a towel.



Yep, bike seats can be uncomfortable for new riders, but don't give up! The bike seat and positioning takes some getting used to, but after a few classes you'll feel right at home.

Ride FAQ
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